HolyFamilyCatholicPrimarySchoolMenai_News_ReadingHoly Family Catholic Primary School Menai students are well equipped to follow the advice of 2018 Children’s Book Week theme Find your treasure.

The school’s junior fiction collection is organised by genre, with posters at each shelf that recommend authors of adventure, humour, detective, real-life-inspired and other stories.

Students can choose from physical books and digital e-books and audio books when borrowing. They are also acquainted with any new reading material the library purchases through fun events.

They … take their shoes off and become immersed in the text.

– Chantelle Bower

The school’s already large collection is boosted every Book Week by a donation of about 400 new books, and borrowing figures spike.

Teacher librarian Chantelle Bower holds a My Library Rules event, inspired by reality cooking show My Kitchen Rules, before the new books are shelved.

“Students get to taste all the new books and make a menu of the books they would like to borrow,” she said.

“In our library there are thousands of books to choose from and children can find it overwhelming when finding a book to read. It helps them to narrow down what they are looking for and to explore that genre.

“At the start of the year, we also hold ‘Camp Read-a-lot’. We set up tents, sit around a campfire and read a story, and they choose new texts, hop in a tent and read.

“They have cushions, take their shoes off and become immersed in the text. This introduces everyone to the new texts before they are put away.  And they are usually reserved straight away.”

Year 6 students Ebony Morris and Koby Mollica, both 12, are avid borrowers.

“I tend to borrow a lot of mystery books or adventure books,” Ebony said. “I still read a lot of physical book but more online. You can increase the font size so they are easier to read and find some books you can’t borrow through the library.

“Yesterday I returned a book that I found absolutely fabulous, The Explorer, about a plane that crashed into an island and they had to find a way to get back home to their family.”

Koby said having access to e-books made it easier to read between his weekly sport commitments.

“On my phone I can access it, on a computer, at home on my iPad,” he said.

Children’s Book Week is on 18-24 August.

Popular books at Holy Family:

  • The explorer by Katherine Rundel
  • Good night stories for rebel girls by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo
  • Stories for boys who dare to be different by Ben Brooks
  • Diary of a wimpy kid by Jeff Kinney
  • Billie B Brown series by Sally Rippin
  • Zac Power series by H.I Larry
  • Pirahnas don’t eat banannas and Pig the pug by Aaron Blabey
  • WeirDo by Ahn Do
  • Don’t let pigeon drive the bus! by Mo Willems